Welcome to Tile Land, one of the best tile shops and stone suppliers in London. We specialise in top quality natural stone tiles from our own quarries. We are manufacturers and suppliers of Tiles, Paving & Mosaics, we specialise in Travertine, Marble & Limestone and are based in London.

Our aim is to make Natural stone as affordable as possible without compromising on quality and service. The benefits of natural stone are that they are durable, last a life time, easy to clean and maintain, they are also versatile in creating different, unique looks.

In our London office, we have more than 50,000 square meters of material available in all kinds of finishes and various sizes in stock at our London NW10 warehouse/showroom.

We provide a friendly and efficient service with next day nationwide delivery around the UK from our West London warehouse.


Natural Stone

Natural stone is a variety of materials that form naturally as mountains develop over millennia, and is cut and used for decorative purposes in monumental sculpture and construction. Natural stone materials include Marble, Travertine and Limestone, among others, and can be cut into regular tiles, into pavers for outdoor patios and porches, or cut into mosaic tiles and arranged into beautiful, intricate Mosaics. Each material has different properties, and each type of cut, and each type of finish produces splendidly different results for your London and UK properties and businesses.

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The exquisite thing about stone is that it is incredibly hard-wearing and actually improves with age. Each stone’s uniqueness adds elegance and character, with natural viening and patterning adding class, wowing visitors and guests – and as many London and UK estate agents agree, increase the value of a UK property.

Lovely Travertine Bathroom in London (Floors and Walls)

The affordability of natural stone has also increased in recent years, and the trend of use of travertine and limestone tiles (in particular in London), with the timelessness of marble of course, adds stunning beauty to floors and walls, and to homes, businesses and properties in the UK.


Some natural stone flooring tiles are ideal for an external, open air environment – like use as paving for patios and porches, whilst others are more suited for indoor applications, like floors and walls in bathrooms, kitchens, countertops, splashbacks (also known as backsplashes), swimming pools, wetrooms, and showers. This is especially true in British weather, whether it is in London or in the rest of the United Kingdom.

Classical Natural Stone Outdoor Travertine Paving in London, UK

Traditionally, less porous materials were more suitable for outdoor use, which means that some sandstones and the more porous types of limestone and travertine were susceptible to cracking in freezing weather and staining through acid rain and dirt. However, now with modern silicone-based sealants, this is much less of an issue in London, as it soaks into the stone and gives it a protective layer which helps prevent any staining. So generally only some frost considerations need to be taken into account, and some of our textured limestone pavers are perfect for this job.

That aside, another challenge is the slipperiness of the stone. But when it is textured, it is much less of a problem. Limestone and travertine paving is great for this job, especially travertine for use around pools, and limestone mosaic tiles forming beautiful mosaics can also be used in the UK weather.

Of course, every natural stone requires extra care. Give your limestone tiles, travertine tiles and mosaic tiles water-repellent properties, and the proper grouting compound to make sure your investment is safe for now and many more years to come and increase the value of your London or UK property. Click here to view a list of our Stone products that you can find particularly handy and valuable.


Why Use Natural Stone Tiles, Pavers and Mosaics in London and the UK?

Considering that every piece of stone is mountain-born, you know that what when you use Limestone, Natural stone mosaics, or Travertine tiles, you practically get a one-of-a-kind flooring, wall and splash-back application. That aside, they themselves are eco-friendly, non-polluting, natural pieces that have minimum impact on the environment due to their incredible durability and long-lasting nature. Of all the tile shops in London, Tile Land is more than just another London-based stone tile company. We are suppliers AND manufacturers , providing our customers with high-quality natural stones from our own quarries, and manufacture them into regular and mosaic tiles, and pavers – our Travertine Chiaro Hones Romano Pattern Mosaic Tiles, and our Limestone Perlino Brushed Pavers to give a couple of examples of our hottest stones in London.

Natural Stone Fkooring Tiles


Why Tile Land?

First of all, we rely on our own factories and quarries to provide our clients with high-quality tiles at manufacturer’s prices. No matter the need, be it for honed, polished, tumbled, or antiqued natural stones, we have something for every taste, requirement, and style. We are also one of the most established stone and marble suppliers in London.

Of course, you are invited to visit our showroom and warehouse facilities and see our natural stone tiles in West London and see our product range from up close.

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